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Kiya Foods Co., Ltd.

Message from the Leadership

Kiya Foods Co., Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer

Naohiko Harada

With a long history of more than 40 years, we have developed the long-established Ginza Kiya udon and soba outlets. Since our founding, we have been continuing to provide traditional Japanese food, udon and soba, from the perspectives of pursuing genuine taste and inheriting the traditions we have cultivated over the years.

Our main outlet is located in Ginza 8-chome, Tokyo, and is supported by a large number of customers, regardless of day and night.
We have excellent udon and soba with delicious seasonal ingredients, as well as A la Carte and carefully selected alcoholic beverages so that you can enjoy comfortable time in our outlets.

We have several outlets in the Ginza region, including our main outlet, as well as outlets in front of JR Akabane Station and at Haneda Airport Terminal 2. We value a unified sales policy to serve a variety of customers.
We value a unified sales policy to serve a variety of customers, which are: "to notice what a guest want and provide the service in advance," "to value fellows who work with you," and "to provide guests and society with deliciousness and comfort."
I wish all of our staff to value the policy and grow themselves as a "food" professional to accumulate the new history of Kiya Foods Co., Ltd.

Business Overview

  • Ginza Kiya
    Ginza Kiya
  • Sobaden
Our Brands

We operate a long-established Ginza Kiya for udon and soba in Tokyo, mainly in Ginza area.
In addition to our main outlet in Ginza, Tokyo, we have opened our outlets in front of train stations and at airports, including the Ginza 7-chome outlet, Yurakucho outlet, Haneda Airport outlet, Beans Akabane outlet, and the Shibuya Shin-Minamiguchi outlet.
Depending on the season, we offer seasonal delicious dishes to our customers and we have been operating outlets in accordance with the location. For instance,at stand-up soba noodle outlet in front of Shimbashi Station Sobaden, from 16pm, we have changed a quick drink sales style as Nomuden.
We will continue to inherit the traditional taste that we have cultivated since our founding, while grasping the needs of various customers. We hope that Ginza Kiya will add trend to the long-standing Japanese taste of udon and create a new taste.

Company Overview

Company Name Kiya Foods Co., Ltd.
Representative Naohiko Harada
Head Office 5-10-18 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Year of Establishment 1970
Capital Stock 9.9 Million yen
Board Members Chief Executive Officer: Naohiko Harada
Director: Katsuyuki Sakashita
Director: Akira Shimamura
Shareholder create restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 7(February 2020)
History June 1970: Year of Establishment
March 2019: Joined Create Restaurants Group
Contact 81-3-5488-8040
URL http://www.ginzakiya.com/company.html

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Q.Future Goal
Run in marathons of all over the world.
I am currently working out in order to shine in my 60s!
Q.Favorite Food
Yakisoba, takoyaki, okonomiyaki (I am from Osaka!!)
Q.Favorite Quote
"People grow through 90% support and 10% criticism"
People have their good and bad attributes, but no one is unqualified.