SFP Holdings Co., Ltd.

Aiming to become the specialized restaurant group to enrich Japan.

SFP Holdings Co., Ltd. President Makoto Sato

President Makoto Sato

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your exceptional support and consideration on a daily basis.
In 1984, we established an 85.8 ㎡ "chicken wing kara-age specialty store" near Kichijoji Station. Based on our management philosophy of "endless pursuit of 'specialization' in the upcoming trends". With our vision that is "to become a group of specialty 'food' restaurants that enriches Japan", we have been opening specialty shops one by one. "Isomaru Suisan" opened in 2009. Subsequently, we established an advantage over our competitors by aggressively opening stores in the prime downtown locations. On the other hand, in 2013 we formed a capital alliance with Create Restaurants Holdings inc. and went public on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2014, subsequently moved to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2019 and then moved to the Prime Market in 2022. In addition, backed by its creditworthiness as a listed company, in 2019 Joe Smile Co., Ltd. in Kumamoto Prefecture and Cruise Dining Co., Ltd. in Nagano Prefecture joined our group and further expanded geographic footprint.

Our Group has been developing stores mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area and the Kansai region under the brands such as "Isomaru Suisan" which serves fresh fish and shellfish, the Toriyoshi Shoten which specializes in chicken dishes, and the "Kizuna Sushi" where you can enjoy sushi with fresh toppings made by sushi-chef. In addition, we are focusing on opening stores such as "5 no 5" and "Torihei-chan" etc., which targets local community and have a sense of retro-Showa feel.
We will continue to refine our store formats to further improve quality. At the same time, we will continue to develop new store formats to meet diversifying customer needs while continually expanding the area in which we open stores to meet the expectations and trust of our customers.

Our Own Brands

Company Overview

  • Company Name

    SFP Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • Representative

    Makoto Sato

  • Head Office

    2-24-7 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

  • Year of Establishment


  • Capital Stock

    48 million yen

  • Ownership


  • Primary business

    Mainly operates seafood izakaya "Isomaru Suisan", "Toriyoshi Shoten" and "Kizuna sushi"

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  • History

    • April 1984

      Establish "Toriyoshi" (current "Toriyoshi Shoten" Kichijoji Minamiguchi) in Kichijoji, Tokyo.

    • June 1984

      Establish Toriyoshi Co., Ltd. at Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture in order to operate "Toriyoshi"

    • Feburuary 2009

      Open first "Isomaru Suisan" store.

    • December 2010

      San Francisco Holdings Co., Ltd., wholly owned by Polaris II Limited Partnership, acquire all shares and became a wholly owned subsidiary.

    • October 2011

      Company name change to SFP Dining Co., Ltd.

    • April 2013

      Create Restaurants Holdings inc. acquired 15,673 shares (holding ratio: 74.63%) from Polaris II Limited Parnership. etc., making it our parent company.

    • December 2014

      Become listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    • July 2015

      Launch franchise business.

    • September 2016

      Transition to an operating holding company structure.

    • June 2017

      Change trade name to "SFP Holdings Co., Ltd."

    • February 2019

      Enter into capital partnership with Joh Smile RESTAURANT SYSTEM INC.

    • July 2019

      Enter into capital partnership with CLOOC DINING Co.,Ltd.

    • Septemer 2020

      Establish Creative Service Inc. jointly with Create Restaurants Holdings Co., Ltd. (50% stake)

    • Septemer 2021

      Establish CMD Co., Ltd. jointly with Create Restaurants Holdings Co., Ltd. (50% stake)

    • April 2022

      Transition to prime market following the reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • Contact

    Contact Form:https://www.sfpdining.jp/contact/


  • Public meeting with Prime minster Kishida

  • Received the Diamond Award

  • 26th Award Ceremony for Excellence in the Restaurant Industry