Group Federal Management

Aiming for sustainable growth
by valuing
our group synergies.

We have a large number of unique and attractive group companies with their respective visions. We promote "Group Federal Management," which aims to grow together by respecting the uniqueness and cooperating with of each company.

The Group Federal Management we envision is about promoting the growth of each company by balancing the "push" force that respects the uniqueness and utilizes the strength of each individual company with the "pull" force that leverages the know-how and competitive strength of the entire group. We grow each group's own culture while acknowledging and respecting the culture of other group companies.
Rather than being closely managed by the Group, Create Restaurants Group value a relationship in which each group members can grow independently with measured distance while producing synergies by interacting with each other once in a while.

In addition, as incorporating diverse cultures leads to the Group's growth, we will continue to value adding new companies and welcome them as colleagues of the Create Restaurants Group in order to grow together.
We value the exciting synergies from the Create Restaurants Group, and as an unique group that no other company can imitate, we will continue to create added value to strengthen the Group's competitiveness.
We will continue to take on the challenge towards "surprising the world" with all of our Group companies working together to achieve sustainable growth.