Blessings from Shinshu and hospitality from the heart for all our customers

CLOOC DINING CO., LTD. President Hideto Tsuru

President Hideto Tsuru

Since entering the restaurant industry in 2009 with the opening of "Buta no Sanpo", we at KROOKE DINING have produced a succession of prosperous restaurants in Nagano Prefecture, including "Matsumoto Karaage Center" in 2011 and "Nagano to ieba Banikuman" in 2014, and in 2019, we formed a capital alliance with SFP Holdings Co., Ltd. And, we became a member of the Create Restaurants Group, opening "Isomaru Suisan" and "Maccha House, Matchakan" restaurants in Nagano Prefecture. 
                                                                                                                                                                                               Nagano Prefecture is home to beautiful scenery that changes with the seasons, and the ingredients nurtured there are truly sumptuous. We cherish the bounty of this region and hope to provide our guests with excitement and healing through our delicious cuisine and warm hospitality. 

We are proud of our cuisine, which makes the most of the scenery of the four seasons in Shinshu and the fresh ingredients grown locally. Our seasonally changing menu allows our guests to enjoy the tastes of the four seasons. We value our cooperation with local farmers and businesses, and strive to deepen our ties with the local community in order to provide the best tasting food possible. 
Our staff is dedicated to providing our guests with smiles and pleasant service. We are committed to creating a space where you can not only enjoy your meal, but also feel at home. We are a team like one family, and our goal is to create a place where our customers want to come back again and again.

Our ingredients are nurtured in the land of Shinshu, and our hospitality is unique to our local area. That is what makes our restaurant unique. We hope you will spend a special moment at our restaurant surrounded by the beautiful nature of Nagano. We sincerely look forward to meeting you.

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    Hideto Tsuru

  • Head Office

    2573-3 Hodaka, Azumino-shi, Nagano

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  • Capital Stock

    10 million yen

  • Ownership

    99.8% held by SFP Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • Primary business

    Restaurant Business, Business Planning and Development

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  • History

    • December 2000


    • 2009

      Entered food service industry

    • Janyuary 2016

      Company name changed to CLOOK Dining Co. Ltd.

    • July 2019

      Capital alliance with SFP Holdings Co., Ltd.

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  • Azumino Udon