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Refine our uniquness.

Create Dining inc. Chief Executive Officer Naohiko Harada

Chief Executive Officer Naohiko Harada

With the reorganization of Create Restaurants Group on September 1, 2016, four companies (RC Japan Co. Ltd., Create Kissho Inc., Shanghai Bishoku Chushin Co. Ltd., and some outlets of Create Restaurants Inc. in the Tokyo area) merged to become Create Dining Inc., a company specializing in the restaurant business.

In September 2020, Create Bayside Inc., which operates multiple restaurants in the commercial complex IKSPIARI, and Kiya Foods Co. Ltd., which operates "Ginza Kiya" Udon and Soba restaurants and has a history spanning more than 40 years, joined Create Dining Inc. In September 2023, Route 9G Inc., which operates the Singaporean chicken rice restaurant “Hainan Jeefan Shokudo,” a specialty of Singaporean national food, joined us. In June 2024, a newly reorganized group organization, LG&EW Inc., which operates the Italian restaurant "TANTO TANTO," "Mr. Farmer," joined our business.

We operate diverse brands with staff trained at various companies. However, we value the same fundamental principle.
The principle is "to notice what a guest wants and provide the service in advance," "to respect colleagues who work with you," and "to provide guests and community with deliciousness and comfort."
I hope all of our staff will honor the policy and grow themselves as a "food" professional to build the new chapter of this company.

Also, we aim "to be number one in food and service" and "to be the one to raise the overall quality of the group" within the Create Restaurants group.
I believe the staff who come from different cultures and experiences will enable us to achieve such a goal. I trust that the new members will bring even more energy to the new company.
We will further refine our unique skills to ensure that our restaurants will be patronized by our customers for a long time.

Our Own Brands

Company Overview

  • Company Name

    Create Dining inc.

  • Representative

    Naohiko Harada

  • Head Office

    5-10-18 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

  • Year of Establishment


  • Capital Stock

    9.9 million yen

  • Ownership


  • Primary business

    Operate a wide variety of brands in a wide range of genres from Washoku such as sushi, Japanese food, udon and soba to Western cuisine, Chinese, Ethnic, Cafe and Bar mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

  • History

    • October 1999


    • August 2015

      Enter into capital partnership with create restaurants holdings inc.

    • September 2016

      Merge with Create Kissho Inc. and Shanghai Bishoku chushin Co., Ltd
      Succeed a portion of the business of create restaurants inc.
      Change company name from RC JAPAN CO., LTD. to Create Dining inc.

    • September 2020

      Merge with Create Bayside Inc. and Kiya Foods Co., Ltd

    • September 2023

      Merge with Route 9G Inc.

    • June 2024

      Merge with LG&EW Inc.