YUNARI Co., Ltd.

Bringing Tsukemen Culture to the World.

YUNARI Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Ken Kojima

Chief Executive Officer Ken Kojima

"Tsukemen TETSU" is the most popular format within our company.

Tsukemen is still a minor food in Japan today.
We are keenly aware of it and at the same time we are deeply frustrated.
" We want you to eat delicious Tsukemen! "
" We want you to eat Tsukemen noodles from Tsukemen restaurants! "
As a Tsukemen specialty store, "Tsukemen TETSU" will continue to open stores nationwide with this aspiration in mind.

The important thing is not only just to open a store , but also to create stores that are loved by local residents.
We will continue to open new stores so that Tsukemen will become part of Japanese food culture throughout Japan.

In addition to "Tsukemen TETSU", there are many other formats including "Edo-mae Niboshi Noodle Kimihan" and "Tsukemen Tetsu with Chicken and Fish Dashi".
We will continue to create a business format that customers want to eat.
Regardless of the format, there is no change in our philosophy of satisfying our customers. Our staffs’ enthusiasm is our greatest strengths in achieving that philosophy.
Enthusiastic staff will continue to deliver the best products to everyone.

We want our staff to feel the limitless possibilities.
The purpose of getting people across Japan to learn about Tsukemen will lead to global recognition.
Feel the possibility of Tsukemen being recognized around the world and how it can broaden your career path!
Let's work together to create a food culture not only for Japan but for the world!

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Company Overview

  • Company Name

    YUNARI Co., Ltd.

  • Representative

    Ken Kojima

  • Head Office

    5-10-18 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

  • Year of Establishment


  • Capital Stock

    3 million yen

  • Ownership


  • Primary business

    Operates Tsukemen and Ramen

  • History

    • August 2005

      Open its first store "Tsukemen TETSU Sendagi Honten"

    • December 2007

      Open its second store "Tsukemen TETSU Shinagawa"

    • June 2008

      Open "Tsukemen 102"in Omiya

    • April 2011

      Open "Edo-mae Niboshi Noodle Kimihan" in Gotanda

    • March 2012

      Open "Kinshari-ya" in Akasaka

    • April 2013

      Open "TETSU of Ebidashi" in Okachimachi

    • April 2014

      Enter into capital partnership with create restaurants holdings inc.

    • November 2015

      Open its first store in overseas "Tsukemen TETSU" in Hong Kong

    • April 2016

      Open "Tsukemen TETSU" in Osaka Hankyu Sanban Avenue

    • April 2017

      Open "Tsukemen TETSU" in JR Gate Tower Nagoya

    • October 2019

      Open "Edo-mae Niboshi Noodle Kimihan" at LaLaport Toyosu

    • December 2019

      Open the second overseas store "Tsukemen TETSU" in Hong Kong

    • January 2020

      Open "Tsukemen TETSU" and "Hakata Tonkotsu Takakura" at Musashikosugi Tokyu Square simultaneously

    • March 2020

      Open "Tsukemen TETSU" in Singapore