Our Purpose is
to create restaurants.

The Create Restaurants Group was founded in 1999.
At that time, many restaurant companies had already established a solid position in the industry.
However, we have grown by accumulating know-how which cannot be obtained by a single brand through a multi-brand/multi-location strategy of developing and opening a variety of formats in line with the location.
In addition to creating brands that meet customer needs in line with the changing times and locations, we have expanded our business globally since 2013. At the same time, through aggressive M&A, we have acquired a variety of formats and locations. Currently, 19 subsidiaries are operating not only domestically, but also in North America and Asia. With over 230 brands, we are extremely unique presence among restaurant companies that no other restaurant companies have achieved.

During this period, we have always aimed to create new value (cooking, services and business formats) in the field of food, in order to provide a setting with colorful and rich food and to make people around the world happy. In other words, we aim to "create" restaurants, which is the name of the company itself.

As the times change constantly, customer behavior and lifestyles change dramatically. Our Group will promote "Group Federal Management" by leveraging our strengths in adaptability and expertise.
We will continue to value the feeling of excitement that is part of our Group Mission and create a "surprise the world" with many colleagues.
In order to do this, we will continue to challenge ourselves through a variety of food scenes.

Please look forward to our future progress, and your continuous support and encouragement would be thoroughly appreciated.

create restaurants holdings inc.

President & CEO Jun Kawai