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Message from the Leadership


Chief Executive Officer

Susumu Mochizuki

Since its founding in 1974 as a group company in Osaka Gas, KR FOOD SERVICE CORPORATION has kept on challenging of contributing to society through foods, in accordance with its corporate culture of "simple honesty and diligence."
In 2005, we became independent from the Osaka Gas Group. We have been a member of the Create Restaurants Holdings group and been playing a role in developing suburban stores since June 2015.

Within this context, we will build a business model that responds to environmental change with focus on the suburban road side, by making good use of the "sticking with the locale" know-how we have cultivated over many years in the suburban road side business and the brand development know-how of the Create Restaurants Group.
While taking on new challenges, we keep in mind to maintain a long-lasting business relationship with our motto of "sticking with the locale" making each store count.

KR FOOD SERVICE CORPORATION will continue to take on challenges by always thinking of our customers and treasures the heart of "chisō (treating)" in preparing them.

Business Overview

  • Kagonoya
  • Kamikouchi Azusa Coffee
    Kamikouchi Azusa Coffee
Our Brands

We operate over 100 outlets in total, the core business being our mainstay format of Japanese chain restaurant "Kagonoya," coupled with specialty restaurant business, restaurants located inside highway service areas, as well as overseas outlets.
The first "Kagonoya" outlet opened in Takarazuka (Hyōgo prefecture) in 1993. The outlets are primarily located at suburban roadside in the Kansai region of Kyōto, Osaka, Kobe and have steadily expanded into the Tokyo Metroplitan area as welll as Tokai region. Kagonoya is a restaurant where one can enjoy "seasonally authentic Japanese food and shabu shabu" in a "relaxing Japanese ambience" modeled after a modern day inn ("hatago."). The nature of it being a chain restaurant notwithstanding, we aim for each store to realize "omotenashi" in line with the usage of the customers of the locality.

Shabu shabu and sukiyaki specialty restaurant "Kagonoya Honten," Kyomachi-ya udon "Fūfuya," authentic Chinese restaurant "Shato Hanten" and other specialty restaurants aiming for fine quality are the starting point of our company's "quality" and "omotenashi (hospitality)." Furthermore, the merging of the brand development capability of specialty restaurants and store operating capabiity at Kagonoya has led to the opening of outlets inside highway service areas.

It is not simply about pursuing greatness in scale of the individual businesses. It is about ensuring each stores is able to deliver the "best gochiso-sama" to the customers. We think that it is ultimately about the collection of stores characterized by such a quality.

Company Overview

Representative Susumu Mochizuki
Head Office 8F Park building Ogimachi, 3-6-26 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Year of Establishment 1991
Capital Stock 50 million yen
Board Members Chief Executive Officer:Susumu Mochizuki
Director:Takeshi Furukawa
Director:Genta Ohuchi
Director:Akira Shimamura
Shareholder creat restaurants holdings inc.(99.87%)・others
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 133 (February 2022)
History April 1991:Established Kinrei Corporation (antecedent company)
July 1993:Opened first outlet of Kagonoya in Takarazuka
September 2000:Became listed on the JASDAQ Stock Exchange (Delisted in December 2005 due to a take-over bid)
December 2005:Opens Kagonoya in Kyodo, first outlet in Kanto region
August 2011:Opens first franchised store of Kagonoya in Bangkok, Thailand
June 2015:Enters into capital partnership with create restaurants holdings inc.
Contact 81-6-6809-2143
URL http://www.food-kr.com/

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Eating around(I love anything, Japanese, Western, and Chinese food), Reading history novels.
Q.Future Goal
I would like to enjoy delicious local cuisine, relax in the hot springs, and make a tour of temples and shrines across the country without worrying about time.
Q.Favorite Food
Dishes using fresh fish
Q.Favorite Quote
"Forward-looking, Upward-looking, Outward-looking"
When you are in trouble, you cannot see anything if you look down and your vision becomes narrower.
I try to look up and look forward in the face of hardship.