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Message from the Leadership


Chief Executive Officer

Ken Kojima

Speaking of our company, the largest brand is "Tsukemen TETSU".

"Tsukemen"(cold Chinese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping) is still a minor cuisine in Japan now.
We are keenly aware of that and, at the same time, I am very disappointed.
"I want you to eat delicious Tsukemen!"
"I'd like you to eat Tsukemen of a Tsukemen-specialized shop !"
"Tsukemen TETSU", as a Tsukemen specialized store, I would like to continue opening this store to the whole nation with this mind.

The important thing is not just to open a store.
It is important that "I will make loved shops for people in the area."
We hope to continue opening stores so that cuisine called "Tsukemen" can be rooted in Japan as a food culture of Japan.

In addition to "Tsukemen TETSU", there are various brands such as "Edo dried sardine Chinese noodles Kimihan", "Chicken and fish soup Tsukemen TETSU", and so on.
And in the future, we will continue to create brands that customers can think "I want to eat!"
Even in any type of brand, there is no change in the desire that customers can go back home with deep satisfaction.
And the desire of that staff is also our greatest strength.
Staff with hot passion will continue providing the best products to everyone in the future.

I would like my colleagues working together to feel infinite possibilities.
Before the purpose of having you know "Tsukemen" in Japan, you will certainly see "the world".
Please realize the possibility now that many people around the world will also know "Tsukemen" and that we can further expand the stage where we are active!
Let 's make Japanese food culture of the future together !

Business Overview

  • Tsukemen TETSU
    Tsukemen TETSU
  • Kimihan Edomae -niboshi Chinese ramen
    Kimihan Edomae -niboshi Chinese ramen
Our Brands

Ever since opening our shop No.1 of "Tsukemen TETSU" in Sendagi, Tokyo, I prepare my ramen strenuously every single day so that it becomes "more delicious even by the slightest difference!"Our originally handcrafted noodle made from "special TETSU flour" and the creamy, deep-flavored soup which was created as a result of incessant research and trial and error are still continually developing to this day.

In the process of perfecting our taste, we are also challenging to develop new brands. "Tsukemen 102" is our second brand exclusive to Saitama prefecture, and we offer different soups for day and night.
A Chinese-noodle specialty store "Edo-mae Niboshi Chinese Ramen" which boasts carefully concocted soup of Japanese anchovy, kelp, and bonito flakes added to a chicken based broth, as well as "Tsukemen TETSU of Chicken and Seafood Broth" whose soup is concocted from chicken and fish bone broth such as that of flounders is both a one-of-a-kind gem.

Going forward, in order to provide our customers with something more delicious than today, we will continue to evolve through trial and error while at the same time challenging to develop new brands.

Company Overview

Company Name YUNARI Co., Ltd
Representative Ken Kojima
Head Office 5-10-18 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Year of Establishment 2005
Capital Stock 3 million yen
Board Members Chief Executive Officer: Ken Kojima
Director: Akira Shimamura
Shareholder create restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 23(February 2022)
History August 2005: Opens its first store "Tsukemen TETSU Sendagi Honten"
December 2007: Opens its second store "Tsukemen TETSU Shinagawa"
June 2008: Opens "Tsukemen 102"in Omiya
April 2011: Opens "Edo-mae Niboshi Noodle Kimihan" in Gotanda
March 2012: Opens "Kinshari-ya" in Akasaka
April 2013: Opens "TETSU of Ebidashi" in Okachimachi
April 2014: Enters into capital partnership with create restaurants holdings inc.
November 2015: Opens its first store in overseas "Tsukemen TETSU" in Hong Kong
Contact 81-3-6853-8102

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