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create restaurants inc.

Message from the Leadership

create restaurants inc.

Chief Executive Officer

Tatsuo Iinuma

As the starting point for everything, our umbrella organization, create restaurants holdings, was founded in 1999.

At a time when the F&B industry comprised single-brand companies, we attained dramatic growth in an ever-diversifying society through our development of diverse brands, ranging from casual food courts to dinner-time restaurants, utilizing a heretofore unheard of multi-brand/multi-location strategy as our means.

With this background, create restaurants inc. is the primary business that branched out as a result of transitioning to a holding company system in 2010.

Going forward, we will continue to pursue the multi-brand/multi-location strategy. However, to further build on what we already have, whereas we used to create speed by geographically categorizing all of our brands, we now categorize each brand into Three categories such as "buffet," "a la carte" and "Food court," according to different food types and thus reinforcing our area of expertise in each category.

Also, to enhance the quality of the restaurant, we believe human resources are the most critical aspect. Furthermore, to promote exchange and training, the Sales department is divided by region. By clarifying the business categories and sales regions, we aim to achieve sustainable business growth.

For the staff we work with, I hope they acquire diverse, specialized qualities and further appreciate the significance of their work by seeking out many experiences. I hope each staff will enjoy their work by becoming an independent thinker and action taker. Together, I hope to create a surprising future.

As we grow in scale with new subsidiaries under our group, I encourage our people and restaurants to leverage each other's experience to grow together.
I wish create restaurants will become a company that all stakeholders, including customers, colleagues, and business partners, want to support for a long time.

Business Overview

  • Dessert Oukoku
    Dessert Oukoku
Our Brands

We operate diverse brands in both restaurant and food court outlets, primarily in suburban shopping centers. Owing to our multi-brand/ multi-location strategy which allows us to develop diverse brands in line with the characteristics of diverse locations and direct-management of operations, we now boast over 150 brands and operate over 350 outlets.

We offer a variety of brands such as "Shabu Sai," an all-you-can-eat shabu shabu restaurant with safely inspected beef and pork and salad buffet with seasonal vegetables, "Hong Kong Chon Long," an all-you-can-eat restauarnt offering authentic Chinese food, dim sum and dessert, "Harvest," a buffet-style restaurant that offers organic dishes utilizing the natural flavor of the food stuff. In addition, we offer other restaurants including a specialty ox-tongue shop "Gyutan Inosuke" and a character cafe "Pom Pom Prin Cafe," food court outlets operating "Dessert Paradise" where we can enjoy crepe famous for its soft & chewy texture with plenty of fresh fruits and tapioca drink, a pasta restaurant "Pomodoro," and ramen shop "Mentaisho."

Additionally, we also focus on a "bulk-operation food court" where our company single-handedly operates the entire booth. Aside from being able to operate efficiently, cutting back unnecessary tasks by allotting flexible manpower depending on hours, this offers a new type of food court that creates a unified ambience as seen in our "Food Bazaar Gotemba" in Gotemba Premium Outlet Mall and "Marche de Metro" within Echika Omotesando.

Company Overview

Company Name create restaurants inc.
Representative Tatsuo Iinuma
Head Office 5-10-18 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Year of Establishment 2010
Capital Stock 9.9 million yen
Board Members Chief Executive Officer: Tatsuo Iinuma
Director: Akira Shimamura
Shareholder creat restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 362(February 2022)
History January 2010: Transitioned to the holding company system and established create restaurants Japan
June 2010: Changed company name to create restaurants inc.
Contact 81-3-5488-8002

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