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1999 May: Start embarking on the restaurant business.
Opens 5 outlets including an Italian restaurant "Portofino" in Daiba, Tokyo.
2000 Opens a bulk-operation food court "FOOD BAZAR" in Gotemba outlet mall.
2004 Achieves operation of its 100th store.
2005 Operates a 1600-seat "Festival Food Court" in EXPO 2005 Aichi.
Achieves operation of its 200th store.
Become listed on the Mother’s Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2006 Achieves operation of its 300th store.
2007 Create Kissho Inc. joins our group.
2008 Establishes Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart Create Restaurants Management Co., Ltd. (joint venture company)in Shanghai, China.
2010 Establishes create restaurants Japan inc. (currently create restaurants inc.)
Transfers to the holding company system, changes corporate name to create restaurants holdings inc.
Opens a restaurant at the Expo 2010 Shanghai through Shanghai Yuyuan Tourist Mart Create Restaurants Management Co., Ltd.
Establishes create restaurants china Limited. in Hong Kong.
2011 Establishes CREATE RESTAURANTS ASIA PTE.LTD. in Singapore.
Establishes a subsidiary Create Restaurants Shanghai Co. Ltd in Shanghai.
Changes head office location to Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku from Shibuya.
2012 LEMONDE DES GOURMET INC. joins our group.
Establishes create restaurants hong kong Ltd in Hong Kong.
2013 SFP Dining Co., Ltd. joins our group.
eatwalk Co., Ltd. joins our group.
Achieves operation of its 500th store.
Changes market listing to the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2014 YUNARI Co., Ltd joins our group.
Establishes Shanghai ACCR Food Ltd. (joint venture company) in Shanghai.
Establishes Create Restaurants Taiwan Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
Shanghai Bishoku Chushin Co., Ltd joins our group.
Achieves operation of its 600th store.
2015 Establishes Gourmet Brands Company inc. through corporate separation.
Achieves operation of its 700th store.
RC JAPAN CO., LTD. joins our group.
2016 Establishes Create Restaurants NY Inc. in NewYork.
RC JAPAN CO., LTD. merges with Create Kissho Inc. and Shanghai Bishoku Chushin Co., Ltd.,
succeed a portion of the business of create restaurants inc. and changes company name to Create Dining inc.
Achieves operation of its 800th store.
2018 Route 9g Inc. joins our group.
Establishes Create Bayside Inc. through the incorporation-type company split by IKSPIARI Co.,Ltd. that divests its restaurant business directly managed by them.
Achieves operation of its 900th store.
YUZURU Inc. joins our group.
2019 Kiya Foods Inc. joins our group.
Joh Smile INC. joins our group through SFP Holdings Co., Ltd.

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