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Company Overview

Company Name create restaurants holdings inc.
Established May 1999
Capital Stock 1.012 billion yen
Board Members
ChairmanHitoshi Gotoh
President & CEOHaruhiko Okamoto
Executive Managing Director & CFOJun Kawai
DirectorTakakazu Tanaka
DirectorAkira Shimamura
Director(Audit & Supervisory Committee Members)Hirofumi Morimoto
Director(Audit & Supervisory Committee Members)Hiroshi Nemoto
Director(Audit & Supervisory Committee Members)Takeshi Ohki
Executive OfficerHiroshi Ikeda
Executive OfficerKatsuji Ishii
Executive OfficerKiyoshi Kawaguchi
Executive OfficerGenta Ohuchi
Main Office 5-10-18 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022, Japan
Employees (Total) Full-time: 3,838 Part-time: 22,158 (As of the end of Feb 2019)
Restaurants (Total) 925 outlets (As of the end of Feb 2019) ※Including licensed business
Brands (Total) 222 Brands (As of the end of Feb 2019)
Result (Consolidated) Revenue 119,281 Million Yen (As of the end of Feb 2019)

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