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Business Overview

The create restaurants group plans, develops and directly manages a variety of brands from casual food courts and izakaya (Japanese style bars) to dinner-time restaurants by tailoring each to customer preferences and the unique characteristics of their location.

Restaurant Business

The create restaurants group operates a broad range of restaurants encompassing Japanese, Western, Chinese and ethnic cuisines. Our major brands include Hina-Sushi, an upscale all-you-can–eat sushi restaurant where you can eat as much authentic high-end sushi as you like, Shabu Sai, which offers safe, high-quality beef, pork and fresh seasonal vegetables in an all-you-can-eat style, Harvest, a natural food buffet restaurant that satisfies the needs of the health conscious, Hong Kong Chonron, a yum-cha style buffet serving traditional dim sum from a wagon, TANTO TANTO, an authentic Italian restaurant that utilizes select ingredients, Yasia-ya Mei, which serves select vegetables delivered every day from contract farmers all over Japan, Kichiza, a shabu-shabu and Japanese restaurant that can be utilized for client entertainment purposes, and Kagonoya, a japanese restaurant that can be utilized for a variety of food scenes such as daily meals, celebratory occasions and memorial services.

Izakaya Business

The izakaya brands that create restaurants group operates all possess strong specialties. Our major brands include Omotenashi-Toriyoshi, a poultry-specialty izakaya which, among other dishes, serves chicken wing kara-age, Isomaru-suisan, a 24-hour seafood izakaya where you can enjoy the ambience of a beach hut while in the city, and Ichigoro, a specialty dumpling Izakaya, which offers a variety of delicious dumplings in a casual atmosphere.

Ramen & Food Court Businesses

The ramen brands the create restaurants group operates include Tsukemen TETSU, which could be considered one of the pioneers of the era of tsukemen, and the Chinese noodle specialty brand Kimihan.

For our food court business, we serve specialized food categories such as bibimbap, pasta, and om-rice, and dessert categories such as pancakes and crepes, differentiating our brands from traditional food court outlets by utilizing the know-how we have developed through our restaurant business. We also focus on bulk-operation of food courts, wherein we operate all of the booths, by applying our strength in operating diverse food court booths. This creates an efficient operation as well as a unified atmosphere, as seen in locations such as the Food Bazaar Gotemba within Gotemba Premiuim Outlet and Marche de metro within Echika Omotesando inside Omotesando Station.

Contract Services Business

In its contract service business, Create Restaurants Group leverages the experience and know-how it has built up in foodservice establishments such as restaurants, izakaya, and food courts, to manage restaurants in golf clubs around Japan and restaurants and other food outlets in civic centers, baseball stadiums, aquariums, and art museums. Delivering highly diverse menus and numerous services that only our Group, with its many and varied brands nationwide, can offer, we operate appealing establishments on behalf of our clients.

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