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Message from the Leadership


Managing Director

Kiyoshi Kawaguchi

Owing to industrious accumulation of effort by immigrant people as well as strong political leadership such as that of late former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, known as the father of the nation, Singapore have now developed into a country which boasts the highest per capita GDP in Asia. I am very grateful to have received a business opportunity in Singapore with a backdrop of this momentum.

The key to doing business in Singapore is "diversity." In addition to ethnic Chinese, Malay and Indian people, a diverse group of people from Europe, Middle East and Asia visit and live in this country. Each of them knows the real deal from their respective region. Hence, we need to not only develop each dish to resemble the real thing as closely as possible, but we must also keep in mind who our target customer is. In other words "there is no average Singaporean."

From this perspective, we hire our staff based on this importance we place on diversity. It is delightful to work while enjoying the way are opinions differ, and it also contributes to our brand development that are in line with each segement. In short, this sense of direction is the "multi-brand, multi-location strategy" of the create restraurants group itself.

This strategy is received highly by our developers who seek diversity of brands, and we receive the benefit of negotiating our lease without taking part in the rent-bidding competition. It is an effective strategy that is favored by our customers, developers, and our staffs.

I firmly believe that, in Singapore, by utilizing diverse people and diverse brands, we can gain trust of the customers and vigor from the staff and thus spend every day in a cheerful atmosphere. If we realize this, the outcome of our business will surely turn out as we've wished. I look forward to meeting you at the store or for the day we will work together.

Business Overview

  • Hifumi
Our Brands

We currently operate 11 units of primarily Japanese brands inside shopping centers located in residential, office, and tourist areas. Our brands include an all-you-can-eat shabu shabu & sukiyaki restaurant "SHABUSAI," "Japanese home-style cooking buffet "HIFUMI," specialty maccha cafe "MACCHA HOUSE"and charcoal grill restaurant "HAMANOYA."

Due to the distinct urban development plan in Singapore, the classfication of residential, office and tourist areas is relatively obvious. For this reason, the business conditions during weekday lunch and weekday dinner, as well as weekend lunch and weekend dinner differ widely. We focus on selecting brands and locations by scrupulously analyzing these four differerent scenes.

In terms of brand selection, create restaurants group is comprised of seven group companies, and we are able to be provided with attractive and diverse brands that are compatible with each location and segment. Lastly, in Singapore, there are many people who show strong interest in and are knowledgeable about Japan, so we exchange information between here and Japan on a daily basis.

Company Overview

Representative Kiyoshi Kawaguchi
Head Office 16 Raffles Quay, #33-03, Hong Leong Bilding Singapore 048581
Year of Establishment 2011
Capital Stock 9,500,000 SGD
Board Members Managing Director: Kiyoshi Kawaguchi
Director: Takakazu Tanaka
Director: Jun Kawai
Shareholder create restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year December
Number of Outlets 11 (April 2017)
History February 2011: Establishment of "CREATE RESTAURANTS ASIA PTE. LTD."
July 2011: Opens its first store "Fisherman's Market"
August 2013: Achieves 10th store in operation
Contact 65-6221-3114
URL http://asia.createrestaurants.com/

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Visiting different shopping centers (It is interesting to find certain traits in customer characteristics and products that are unique to each region. It also becomes a point of reference when opening new outlets!)
Q.Future Goal
Travel and eat around the 3 grand cuisines of the world (Turkish, Chinese, French)
Q.Favorite Food
Sichuan cuisine (the numbing spiciness), Portuguese cuisine (the earthiness), high quality sarashina soba (the delicate and intricate flavor & aroma), Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki (it is light like a vegetarian crepe with a variety of fillings)
Q.Favorite Quote
All quoted from Albert Einstein (relates with the Group’s operational principle)
"The important thing is not to stop questioning." (being always skeptical of the status quo produces an agile response)
"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."(→Creativity)
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." (→Challenge)