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Message from the Leadership


Chief Executive Officer

Tsuyoshi Hashimoto

Our company was founded in 1968 as a noodle manufacturer in Sapporo. Over the years, with the emergence of large supermarket, Japan has entered into a period marked by mass production and mass consumption from individual retail shops where products are sold face-to-face. In order to ensure that the product are not decomposed and no loss is generated, it became common practice to incorporate many food additives to pursue profits at that time. Rather than doing so, we had a desire to provide customers with products made directly by ourselves, thus we started a restaurant business. We chose "Sesame Soba Noodles (Goma Soba in Japanese)" for our merchandise, which was rare to find in Sapporo and couldn’t find any other places across Japan at that time. Since then, we have been providing the additive-free noodle, which has become common nowadays. Our Sesame Soba Noodles are made at a factory, delivered to each restaurant twice a day and served fresh to our customers.

Many of our customers visit our restaurants every day. Even some customers visit twice a day at lunch and dinner time. When I hear that customers said at my restaurants "I came back" or "I will come back tomorrow", I feel I'm so glad that I have been engaged in this restaurant business. I have many colleagues who feel the same as me.

We think Employee Satisfaction is equivalent to Customer Satisfaction. We continue to aim at creating a corporate culture where each and every employee feels happy and rewarding by pleasing customers. In order to ensure security and safety that meet customers' need and to pursue genuine quality, we are willing to try something uneasy until it's completed. Our dream is to have people all over Japan enjoy our genuine Sesame Soba Noodles that were born in Hokkaido.

Business Overview

Our Brands

Our Sesame Soba Noodle is made using a general noodle manufacturing machine that applies the movements of experienced handmade Soba noodle craftsmen, we improved it by making the noodle al dente, such that the way the Soba noodles slide down your throat becomes nice.
Soba dipping sauce is made by mixing Kaeshi, a base sauce, and Dashi, a broth. We apply one type of production process for Kaeshi, called "Nama (raw) Kaeshi". Our Kaeshi is slowly aged in an underground room that has a constant temperature over a period of three to four weeks. Dashi becomes flavorful by combining kelp, Soda bonito and mackerel. We can provide customers with better products by thoroughly focusing on the three things of Sesame Soba Noodles, Kaeshi and Dashi and by finishing them in the best condition at the right time.

All of the roadside restaurants of the Goma Soba Yuzuru use ground water originating from the Toyohira River in Sapporo, whose water temperature is also kept constant throughout the year. Our motto is to "serve cold soba noodle as cold" by tightening Sesame Soba Noodles in the cold water. In addition, at restaurants other than roadside restaurants, water temperature is thoroughly controlled by using a chiller to ensure the same effect. Most of our restaurants are located along busy highways and have 60 to 80 seats. It is much larger than a typical soba restaurant. We have a wide range of set menus. To ensure that our customers never get bored, we constantly continue to develop new menus.

Company Overview

Company Name YUZURU Inc.
Representative Tsuyoshi Hashimoto
Head Office 5-5, Misono 2-jo 6-chome, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Year of Establishment 1968
Capital Stock 10Million yen
Board Members Chief Executive Officer: Tsuyoshi Hashimoto
Director: Akira Shimamura
Shareholder create restaurants holdings inc. 100%
Fiscal Year February
Number of Outlets 10(February 2022)
History 1968: Year of Establishment
2018: Enter into capital partnership with create restaurants holdings inc.
Contact 011-831-8360
URL http://www.yuzuru.hokkaido.jp/

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Reading history novels, running, and fishing (although I have no time to do so lately)
Q.Future Goal
Live in warm (snowless) areas
Q.Favorite Food
Mongolian Mutton Barbecue (as I'm a Hokkaido citizen)
Q.Favorite Quote
Yuzumuge (in Japanese)
(It means to respond flexibly and be free of fixed ideas.
If you think an idea is good, start doing it immediately. If you think an idea is bad, stop doing it immediately.